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Life After Birth Support Group

Life After Birth

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are often very different than expected. Parents are told they will “fall in love” with their babies at first sight. They are told they will be filled with love and that their dreams will be fulfilled. They are told that they will become closer to their partners as they settle into their new family.

The truth is that 10-20% of mothers and 10% of fathers do not have this experience. An unplanned or difficult pregnancy, lack of support, as well as a traumatic birth often bring sadness, depression, anxiety, a disconnect with the new baby, isolation, or irritability with a partner and more. Often, parents feel ashamed and guilty for having these feelings.


There is help and support in our community and we know that when this experience is addressed, there is healing.

Life After Birth is a postpartum & pregnancy support group in Seattle. While we cannot diagnose postpartum depression or anxiety we can listen. We can hear you speak your truth. We can provide you with the many resources that are available. In our group we talk, cry and laugh and HEAL.  We listen to each other with compassion, respect, and no judgement. The facilitators have experienced PPMD (postpartum mood disorder) and, with support, have healed.
Photos Courtesy of Darrah Parker

When and where:

We meet every Tuesday evening from 7pm – 9pm.
Saturn Building
Evanston Avenue North
Suite 515
Seattle, WA 98103

There’s actually Saturn on the roof!

To find support groups in your area go to Perinatal Support of WA.

We welcome all of the support people in your life. Please join us when you feel ready. We are here for you and with you.

  • Perinatal Support of WA – excellent website with resources and information and where to find support
  • PS WA Toll Free Support Line:  1-800-404-7763 – speak with a mother who has experienced postpartum mood disorder and has come out on the other side
  • Postpartum Progress – Written for families to gain information, support, and hope. Inclusive of perinatal mental health experiences of women of color, LGBTQ families, and more.
  • Solace for Mothers – a website devoted to healing after a traumatic birth.
  • PEPS – a community connecting parents