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Labor & Birth Support

I am oSindeaBirthRandy2018ften asked about my philosophy or approach to labor, birth and parenting. I know that our bodies are exquisitely designed to grow, nurture and birth babies. I know that, given enough information, you will make decisions that are best for you, your partner and your baby. It is my wish that through our work together you will come to trust your heart and instincts and make choices based on your inner “knowing”. It is not my place or intention to tell you how to birth or parent. My goal is to provide you with well-rounded and research based information so you understand the pros and cons of any choices you make. I will support your decisions 100%.

As a Doula I:

  • Recognize birth as a key life experience that you will remember all your life…
  • Understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a person in labor…
  • Assist you and your partner in preparing for and carrying out your plans for the birth…
  • Stay by your side throughout the entire labor…
  • Support your partner by providing him/her with nourishment when needed, by giving breaks, offering suggestions, being another pair of hands – in other words, I will help your partner help you…
  • Provide emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint and assistance in helping you get the information you need to make good decisions for you and your family…
  • Facilitate communication between you, your partner and your clinical care providers…
  • Perceive my role as one who nurtures and protects your memory of your birth experience.

My Services Include:

  • 1-2 pre-natal visits
  • Up to 2 postpartum visits to help with breastfeeding, to answer questions about caring for your newborn, to discuss your birth, and to provide you with community postpartum resources.
  • Unlimited phone and email support before and after birth
  • A wide variety of comfort measures
  • Use of a TENS Unit to relieve back pain
  • Breastfeeding support soon after birth
  • Photos with my camera or yours

I have a special interest in and commitment to working with women who have a history of abuse. As a result of my training with Penny Simkin, author of When Survivors Give Birth, I am able to help survivors develop strategies that allow them to experience an empowered birth. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


The fee for my services is $2000.  I am happy to work with payment plans. Click here to read about how doulas set their fees.

“At first I was so-so on the idea (of a doula) because it seemed kind of expensive but from the first visit I felt *way* better about the birth and was totally sold on doulas. Debra really helped K with her worries before the birth. She helped a ton during the birth-having an extra helper was really nice and it gave me a chance to rest before the final few hours. Since the birth she’s come over to see how we’re doing and help with breastfeeding troubles. Overall, it’s probably the best money we’ve ever spent.” J & K